Refurbishing DECKEL & DMG


Refurbishing DECKEL & DMG


DECKEL universal milling and drilling machines - as new

DECKEL and DMG machines have a very high quality that often lasts for decades. However, if at some point their performance or precision no longer meet your needs, you need not necessarily go through the hassle and expense of investing in a new machine. Depending on your requirements, FPS can replace individual components or carry out a complete mechanical and control retrofit. Tailored to your needs and always value for money.

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If old DECKEL or DMG machines no longer provide the necessary performance and/or precision, a retrofit is often significantly less expensive than a new machine, with almost the same results, the key reason being that the high-quality base machine still remains. Only wearing parts are reconditioned or replaced and, if necessary, the control is upgraded to the latest state-of-the-art system. The result is a virtually new, highly productive machine with warranty and detailed documentation. This is ensured by highly qualified FPS technicians in the Warngau and Holzmaden plants, who use only original parts or manufacture top-quality spare parts themselves.


Three categories

Depending on the condition of the machines and the customer’s requirements and budget, FPS offers the following main retrofitting categories (and everything in between):

1. Complete overhaul

If milling or drilling machines show general signs of fatigue, indicated by significant losses in performance and precision, a complete overhaul is often recommended. In this case the machine is completely disassembled, analysed and reassembled, resulting in a machine that is good as new.

The work protocol of the complete overhaul of a DECKEL FP1/FP2/FP3/FP4 outlines how the scope of such a retrofit might look:

Scope of overhaul – complete overhaul of a DECKEL FP1/FP2/FP3/FP4

2. Partial overhaul

If the wear of a machine is kept within narrow and above all clearly definable limits, a partial overhaul is recommended. As with the complete overhaul, FPS technicians inspect all parts. However, only the relevant ones are replaced.

3. Inspected machines

In this simplest retrofit category, FPS engineers replace all defective parts and inspect the machine at the end to FPS standards. This means that the machine is functioning again with absolute reliability. For reasons of cost, however, no optical corrections are made, which means that the final state ultimately depends heavily on the initial state.

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