FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GMBH


FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GMBH


FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

FPS Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH, based in Warngau, develops and produces manual and CNC-controlled universal milling machines and drills that are used in industry, trade, universities and training. In addition, the company offers comprehensive retrofitting services for DECKEL and DMG machines and provides servicing for the entire product range. FPS stands for quality – made in Germany.

The medium-sized company FPS Werkzeugmaschinen was founded in 1994, is now managed by Armin Szeike, Robert Schmid and Anton Gruber and currently employs over 180 highly qualified staff. All of them are specialists who have a lot of expertise and often decades of experience in the field of machine tools. The company’s products are 100% manufactured in Germany and mostly sold domestically. The company’s exports, however, are constantly growing, which is why FPS has partnered with numerous dealers located in Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Scandinavia and other countries outside Europe.

Our building at the Warngau headquarters


  • 1994 Compant founded by the current managing directors Armin Szeike and Robert Schmid with nine other partners
  • 1998 Plant in Holzmaden am Aichelberg constructed, production area approx. 3000 m²
    Began overhauling DECKEL universal milling machines
  • 2001 Current headquarters in Warngau constructed, production area approx. 3000 m²
  • 2009 Warngau headquarters expanded to approx. 6000 m²
  • 2010 Started manufacturing of new FPS 300M, FPS 500M and FPS 500Mhydro type machines
  • 2012 New FPS 500 M-NC machine unveiled at AMB in Stuttgart
  • 2013 Acquired GWF Maschinenbau GmbH
  • 2015 New warehouse built in Warngau, approx. 2000 m²
  • 2017 New FPS 420/620 M-plus/M-NC machines unveiled at EMO in Hanover
  • 2019 25th anniversary of FPS

Our manufacturing systems in Holzkirchen

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