Quick, expert telephone support

Do you have problems with an FPS, DECKEL or DMG machine?
Do you need help installing spare parts or accessories?
Call us on our hotline! We’ll be happy to help.

As a major manufacturer in this field, we know the design and technology of universal milling machines and drills like the backs of our hands. This is also reflected in the excellent training our service engineers receive, operating in multiple locations across Germany to repair and service FPS, DECKEL and DMG machine tools. To keep repair times as short as possible, we keep more than 10,000 different spare part groups in our warehouse so they are available at short notice.

Give us a call!

+49 (0) 8024 – 99 05 0

Our hotline is staffed by highly qualified personnel. They are also equally familiar with the challenges of machining in manufacturing processes and are able to solve a lot of your questions and issues over the telephone.

Electronics service

Markus Szeike

+49 (0) 8024 / 99 05-11

Michael Scheuböck

+49 (0) 8024 / 99 05-13

Georg Kerschl

+49 (0) 8024 / 99 05-21

Mechanical service

Hans Pummer

+49 (0) 8024 / 99 05-12

Marinus Schmid

+49 (0) 8024 / 99 05-38

Real-time support

With support from our qualified hotline engineers, you can overcome many challenges with your machine on your own. If necessary, we will send you the correct spare parts and provide guidance over the phone on the proper replacement procedure.

We are always there for you in an emergency

For urgent cases, we are available round the clock at +49 (0) 174-33 34 666 – 7 days a week. So you can be sure that your machines will be ready to go again in no time.