Machines maintain the latest safety standards

To avoid unscheduled downtimes and guarantee staff health and safety, manufacturers must have safe and reliable machine tools. That’s why production managers, safety officers and trade associations insist on compliance with the latest CE guidelines, which have been a requirement in this form throughout Europe since late 2009. That means that some older machines may not have the requisite CE marking. This is where the industry experts at FPS can bring you up to date.

Expertise in machine technology and CE compliance

Milling machines and drills from DECKEL and DMG often operate for decades with virtually constant quality and performance characteristics. However, in terms of safety requirements, they only meet the requirements of the standards specific to the year they were built. This is something that FPS engineers can easily remedy, because not only they are deeply familiar with the machine technology – they also know the requirements for the current European CE marking. FPS therefore offers CE upgrades as a complete service.

FPS warranty with full liability

The drills and milling machines will be compliant with the latest CE standards upon delivery. The machine is assigned a new year of manufacture (year of the CE upgrade). After the CE upgrade, FPS will be listed as the official manufacturer and will assume full liability. They will also be compliant with all relevant safety requirements. More importantly, this will ensure safety for all machine operators.

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