Machine maintenance prevents downtimes

Unscheduled machine downtimes can cost valuable time and money. This can often be prevented through regular maintenance and by replacing wearing parts at the right time. We excel at ensuring this is done to professional standards.

Fair maintenance contracts

Machine tools from FPS, DECKEL and DMG are incredibly long-lasting thanks to their durability – but only if they’re regularly cleaned and serviced. We offer fair maintenance contracts and can recommend suitable servicing schedules. These can vary depending on duration and workload, but should be performed at least once a year.

Quick repairs

When you need repairs, our tight-knit service network is sure to be available on site quickly and reliably. There are a total of 21 FPS service engineers across the whole of Germany, which is great for keeping delays and bottlenecks to a minimum. With these solutions, your FPS, DECKEL or DMG machine tools can be ready to go again in no time.

Our strengths, your advantages

  • Many years of servicing experience – especially in FPS DECKEL and DMG drills and milling machines
  • Rapid, professional-grade maintenance and repair services for FPS, DECKEL and DMG machines
  • Expert engineering professionals at your disposal
  • Service engineers located near you
  • Flexible, reliable and organised
  • The quickest possible response times
  • Rapid availability of all wearing and spare parts
  • Flexible emergency service available round the clock
  • Optimally equipped service vehicles
  • First-level support

Interested in our range of maintenance and repair services? Call us now or send us a message.

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