FPS universal milling and drilling machines

FPS 300M | FPS 500Mhydro

The classic conventional machines

  • A fast introduction into milling and drilling.
  • Solid, durable, and maintenance-friendly – the ideal companion in the training workshop.
  • User-friendly thanks to well-designed ergonomics.
  • Compact machine for limited space.
  • Use tools and special accessories from the manual DECKEL-FP series.


FPS 300M

Axial ranges of motion

X: 300 mm
Y: 160 mm
Z: 340 mm

(The cutting head can also be moved an additional 100 mm along the Y-axis)

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FPS 500Mhydro

Axial ranges of motion

X: 500 mm
Y: 350 mm
Z: 400 mm

(The cutting head can also be moved an additional 150 mm along the Y-axis)

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Technical data

FPS 300 MFPS 500 Mhydro *

Operating area

X-axis300 mm500 mm
Y-axis160 mm 400 mm
Z-axis340 mm
400 mm
Cutting head can also be moved further along the Y-axis100 mm
150 mm
W x D x H space requirement1735 x 1465 x 1725 mm2000 x 2100 x 2010 mm

Solid angle table

Table/clamping surface210 x 600 mm800 x 480 mm
T-grooves: Number / width / distance5 / 12 H7 / 45 mm
/ 14H12 - Richtnut 14H7 / 63 mm
Permitted load200 kg
300 kg

Operating spindle

Vertical and horizontal
hoizontal (optional)
Vertically extending as drill spindle,
with clamp/stroke
approx. 60 mm
Horizontally extending as drill spindle,
with clamp/stroke
approx. 60 mm
approx. 100 mm (optional)
Manually rotating cutting head+/- 90°
+/- 90°

Tool holder

Manual ISO 40-DIN69871 tightening systemM16-
or optional variant in line with DECKEL standardS 20x2-
Hydraulic tightening system-DIN 69872*
or optional variant*-DIN 2080*

Main drive, three-phase-current brake motor

Power1.4 / 1.8 KW7.0 kW
Gear stages (clockwise/anti-clockwise)8Direct drive
Speed range(16 stages) 40 to 2000 rpm
25 to 3000 rpm - stepless adjustable

Feed drive, digital drive

Feed rate, stepless adjustable5 to 500 mm/min5 to 500 mm/min
Rapid feed1200 mm/min
1500 mm/min
Control wheel manual rotationX-axis, 4.0 mm
Y/Z-axis, 2.5 mm
X/Y/Z-axis, 2.5 mm


Mains connection3 x 400 V AC, 50/60 Hz3 x 400 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption6 kVA
7 kVA
Max. backup fuse20 A35 A NH

Control cabinet electronics

CE-compliant in line with current
regulations of professional associations
BGVA 3 / DIN EN 60204-1BGVA 3 / DIN EN 60204-1


Total machine weight
incl. machining table and cutting head
approx. 770 kgapprox. 1600 kg
Control cabinetapprox. 140 kg-

FPS Active digital display

Our 3-axis digital display ensures absolute operation convenience. It enables the user to precisely position the incremental dimension (incremental) and the distance dimension (absolute). This is basis for quick and successful training and simple solutions for manufacturing – even for more complex tasks.


FPS Active digital display

The new Heidenhein Positip 8016 offers even more operating comfort through touch operation. In addition to precise positioning of the incremental and distance dimension. You benefit from extended functions such as bore hole circle calculator and tool memory. Recurring work processes can be grouped together in programs.


All-round versatility

Whether for training or for use in the workshop – you want your machine tools to be versatile.

Our conventional machines are suited for different machining tasks, because they offer you the same versatility you are used to from manual DECKEL machines.

Both in operation and maintenance, our machines impress with a highly flexible overall concept.

Standard and optional features

  • Vertical milling head with bore pinole
  • Fixed table
  • Horizontal milling spindle
  • Manual, mechanical hand wheels
  • Sturdy guide way scarped by hand
  • Overload protection
  • Automatic central lubrication for all axes and the vertical milling head
  • Coolant tank integrated in the machine stand
Optional features:
  • Universal machining table
  • Splash protection cabin (500M/500Mhydro)
  • Chip tray or mobile chip tray (500M/500Mhydro)
  • Protection bellows in the Z-axis
  • Indexing head
  • Attachable round table
  • LED machine lamp
  • Minimum quantity lubrication
  • Overarm with counterbearing
  • Special paint coatinging
  • Tools and other accessories
  • Machine feet

Easy maintenance

The main assemblies of our machines are positioned in a way that ensures easy maintenance. All important
machine modules can be accessed directly from the rear of the machine. Another incredibly useful feature of the machine is its automatic central lubrication system for all axes and the vertical milling head.

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High performance, compact dimensions

Despite our machines’ compact installed dimensions, they pack a surprising punch while being incredibly accessible. This makes our FPS 300M, FPS 500M and FPS 500Mhydro machines also suitable for workshops with limited installation space.

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