FPS universal milling and drilling machines

FPS 420M-NC | FPS 620M-NC

The robust, highly versatile system

  • The perfect entry into modern manufacturing
  • Solid, durable and easy to maintain – the ideal machine for use in apprenticeship and manufacturing
  • With variable operating speeds of up to 4500 rpm – ideal for higher feed rates and cutting speeds
  • User-friendly thanks to an intuitive, ergonomic design
  • Compact machine dimensions for use in limited space
  • Swiveling control panel
  • SIEMENS 840 D SL or HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 FS CNC control.

Enhanced, innovative features

Our robust and versatile FPS 420M-NC and FPS 620M-NC machines are the product of our vision for how modern manufacturing should operate. The machines offer the simple and familiar usability of our renowned manual milling machines, yet they also open up a range of entirely new possibilities thanks to the latest CNC – control systems. Our innovative milling and drilling machines combine the best of both worlds – manual control and digital performance.


FPS 420M-NC universal milling machine and drill with SIEMENS 840 D SL or HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 FS control


Axial ranges of motion

X: 420 mm
Y: 350 mm
Z: 400 mm

(The cutting head can also be moved an additional 150 mm along the Y-axis)

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FPS 620M-NC universal milling machine and drill with SIEMENS 840 D SL or HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 FS control


Axial ranges of motion

X: 620 mm
Y: 350 mm
Z: 400 mm

(The cutting head can also be moved an additional 150 mm along the Y-axis)

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Technical data


Operating area

X-axis420 mm620 mm
Y-axis350 mm
350 mm
Z-axis400 mm
400 mm
Cutting head can also be moved further along the Y-axis150 mm
150 mm
W x D x H space2235 x 1875 x 2000 mm2435 x 1875 x 2000 mm

Angle table

Table/clamping surface630 x 400 mm820 x 420 mm
T-grooves: Number / width / distance6 / 14 H12 alignment groove H7 / 63 mm
6 / 14 H12 alignment groove H7 / 63 mm
Permitted load300 kg
300 kg

Operating spindle

Vertical and horizontal
Vertically extending as drill spindle,
with clamp/stroke
approx. 80 mm
approx. 80 mm
Manually rotating cutting head+/- 90°
+/- 90°

Tool holder

with hydraulic tool clampingISO 40 DIN 69871ISO 40 DIN 69871

Tightening system

Hydraulic tightening systemDIN 69872 (standard)
DIN 2080 (optional)
DIN 69872 (standard)
DIN 2080 (optional)

Main drive, three-phase-current brake motor

Power7.0 kW7.0 kW
Torque340 Nm
340 Nm
Speed across2 gear stages 0 to 4500 rpm
2 gear stages 0 to 4500 rpm

Feed drive, digital drive

Feed rate, continuously variable0 to 2000 mm/min0 to 2000 mm/min
Rapid feed5000 mm/min
5000 mm/min
Control wheel manual rotation2.5 mm
2.5 mm


Mains connection3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz 25 A
3 x 400 VAC 50 Hz 25 A
Max. prelim. fuse rating35 A
35 A
Mains configurationTN-S connection type: Fixed connection
TN-S connection type: Fixed connection

Control cabinet electronics

CE-compliant in line with current
regulations of professional associations
BGVA 3 / DIN EN 60204-1
BGVA 3 / DIN EN 60204-1


Total machine weight
incl. machining table, cutting head and spray guard cabin
approx. 1800 kg
approx. 1800 kg

CNC control systems to suit your preferences

Our machine tools are operated and monitored using state-of-the-art CNC control systems. You can choose between the SINUMERIK 840 D SL or the HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 FS, so you can integrate our robust and versatile systems into your existing manufacturing environment with the least possible hassle. These have a range of benefits, including intuitive user controls complete with touch screen, powerful NC features, and networking options for building programs externally.

All-round versatility

Whether for training or for use in the workshop – you want your machine tools to be versatile.

Our FPS 420M-NC and FPS 620M-NC machines are suitable for different usage methods and machining operations. Users can operate the machine with the CNC control or manually by using the hand wheels.

With these systems, you can work either off the cuff or using complex machining programs that you can create directly on the machine. In any case, our FPS 420M-NC or FPS 620M-NC machine will give you exactly what you need.

Standard and optional features

  • Vertical milling head with tail spindle
  • Fixed table
  • Horizontal milling spindle
  • Manual, mechanical hand wheels
  • Sturdy guide rails honed manually to perfection
  • Splash protection cabin
  • Ball screws
  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Automatic gear shifting
  • Overload protection
  • Direct position measuring systems
  • Automatic central lubrication unit
  • Free-standing 80-litre coolant tank
  • Halogen machine lamp
  • Machine feet
  • Controls: either SIEMENS 840 D sl or HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 FS
Optional features:
  • Universal machining table
  • Indexing head
  • LED machine lamp
  • Minimum quantity lubrication
  • Counterholder with counterbearing
  • Electronic hand wheel
  • Infrared sensor
  • Tool calibration system
  • Rinsing gun
  • Special painting
  • Tools and other accessories

Easy maintenance

The main assemblies of our machines are positioned in a way that ensures easy maintenance. All key machine modules can be accessed directly from the rear of the machine. Another incredibly useful feature of the machine is its automatic central lubrication system for all axes and the vertical cutting head.

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High performance, compact dimensions

Despite our machines’ compact installed dimensions, they pack a surprising punch while being incredibly accessible. This makes our FPS 420M-NC and FPS 620M-NC machines also suitable for workshops with limited installation space.

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