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Servicing and training – our passion at FPS

When breakdowns happen, you want to be back up and running as quickly as possible. FPS offers services from qualified service technicians, as well as a wide range of spare parts in stock. You can even arrange a custom maintenance package that’s ideal for your needs while also taking advantage of our extensive training offers.

The quality of our company is reflected not only in that of our products. Indeed, it’s equally important to offer professional servicing, maintenance and training. At FPS, that means having a free hotline staffed by qualified engineers to answer a wide range of questions and solve numerous problems relating to milling machines and drills from FPS, DECKEL and DMG.

For more complex issues, highly trained service technicians can be called out to your site in no time. With over 10,000 types of spare parts kept available in our warehouse, we can typically get your machines back up and running in short order.

FPS also offers fair maintenance contracts that will ultimately allow you to prevent many unscheduled downtimes.

What’s more, to boost the productivity of your machines even further, users of universal milling machines and drills from FPS, DECKEL and DMG are invited to attend industry courses at the FPS training centre to bring them up to speed with the latest technologies and best practices.

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Electronics service

Michael Scheuböck

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Markus Szeike

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Georg Kerschl

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Mechanical service

Hans Pummer

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Marinus Schmid

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Our hotline is staffed by highly qualified personnel. They are also equally familiar with the challenges of machining in manufacturing processes and are able to solve a lot of your questions and issues over the telephone. In case of urgent enquiries, we can be reached using the following emergency number: +49 (0) 174-33 34 666

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